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NOTICE: Response Audio will no longer be producing new products under the Response Audio/Musica Bella name. With the heavy work load of our other company, Purity Audio Design and company I design for, I will be focusing my time on Raven Audio and Purity Audio Design of which I am half owner. The site will remain until we are finished designing our new Purity Audio Design web site at which time this URL will be redirected to the Purity web site.

Discontinued & Sold Out
​Only One Last Order Will Be Taken For 2021 On The Harmonia 2.0

Taking orders on the new Harmonia v2.0 vacuum tube preamplifier./output stage. Now available for either the 300B or 2A3 DHT. Balanced and single ended versions available. See full details and introductory pricing [DETAILS]

Above: The Foundation Buffer is a unique design featuring 12AU7 tubes. Same choke filtered power supply and built in a matching hardwood chassis.

Purity's award winning balanced linestage is almost sold out. We have 2 remaining units. This is your last chance to own one of the best tube linestages in the market.


Purity Audio Design Foundation Series

Purity Audio Design is back after a short hiatus with a new product lineup. The Foundation Series is a new high end series that is offered at a real world price. Please visit Purity Audio Design for full details

Above: The Foundation Preamp utilizes a Class A design built around the 6922 dual triode. Equipped with remote volume, 3 line level inputs, 1 built in Bluetooth (BT on selector), Clarity capacitors and a choke filtered power supply supporting two toroidal transformers. All Housed in a hairloom quality solid hardwood chassis.

Raven Audio Reflection MK3

Blackhawk mk 3.i 

20 wpc integrated tube amplifier

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​​Purity Audio Design Harmonia v2.0

45/2A3 Vacuum Tube Output Stage/preamplifier

The new Raven Audio Reflection mk3 integrated tube amplifier is now in production. Contact Raven Audio for full details

Purity Audio Design

Reference mk3

Balanced 6SN7 Balanced Linestage


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