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LeAnna Preamplifier

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Starting December 2014, we started offering many custom designed and built products in unique Baltic Birch and/or hardwood chassis'. Several preamps based on the LeAnna circuit will be custom built and sold or built to order. We also now have a few single ended amplifier designs Please see the RH Design page for details.

The Musica Bella products are quickly becoming known as having exceptional performance to price ratio. What you are getting is custom "built-for-you" true reference level audio products at direct from the manufacturing prices. All products designed and made in the USA.

Let Response Audio NY design and build some of the most important components in your audio system, we have been custom building vacuum tube preamplifiers, amplifiers and tube buffers for nearly 20 years. Our custom design products can now be found in some of the most exotic systems around the globe. We build to your needs, your preferences and your budget. Our custom builds are only limited by your imagination.  Order your custom system now while you're busy with your summer activities.

Just like having a custom hotrod or motorcycle built, we can do the same with our products. We can build them to be as basic as need for your evening listening or as radical as you need for that world class reference system you have in your dedicated listening room.

2015 Model updates
The LeAnna linestage has a new circuit now employing the use of the 6922/6DJ8 tube or you can choose the original 12AU7 circuit.
August: The new all-out-assault Lusso preamp is now available. Fully balanced, top of the line twin chassis, dual mono balanced preamp.
June: RH Design amplifiers now also available as mono blocs.


Contact us if you are interested in having us custom build a full system for you.

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LeAnna VTPS Preamplifier

LeAnna Preamplifier