The Segue mk2 is now available for ordering. The Segue mk2 has found its way into many high end audio systems around the world. The Segue mk2 is now housed in a high quality, black anodized aluminum chassis that matches the "Custom" linestage above. The Segue mk2 is available in single ended or full transformer coupled balanced configuration.  [DETAILS]

Purity Audio Design
Master Reference
Balanced 300B/6SN7


Now taking orders on the new Harmonia v2.0 vacuum tube buffer/preamplifier. Now available for either the 300B or 2A3 DHT. Balanced and single ended versions avilable. See full details and introductory pricing [DETAILS]

Your chance to own the only Master Reference to be built under the Purity Audio Umbrella. We have taken our praised Harmonia 300B buffer stage and integrated as the input stage of our award winning Reference linestage. Available in single ended and balanced versions                                    [DETAILS]

12AU7 or 6922/6DJ8 Class A tube linestage is now available for ordering. The Custom is based on or popular LeAnna/Spirit linestages and housed in a slightly smaller chassis. The Custom is available in single ended, full transformer coupled balanced input and outputs or only balanced input or output.  [DETAILS]



Custom Tube or Solid State Outboard Power Supplies

If you have a Purity Audio Design or Musica Bella Audio preamplifier, you may want to check this out. These are advanced, reference quality power supplies that can be used with any Purity Audio or Musica Bella tube preamplifiers. [DETAILS]


Reflection mk3

‚ÄčIntegrated Tube Amplifier

Raven Audio has also developed a new line of studio quality reference loudspeakers as well as released their new Avian mk3 line of integrated tube amplifiers that are now ready to order.

Please visit the Raven Audio Web Site for full details and contact information.

Purity Audio Design Harmonia v2.0

300B or 2A3 Vacuum Tube Buffer

New Product Added to Specials/Clearance Page 06/04/20  [DETAILS]

ONLY 1 LEFT - We are down to our last 2 chassis for the Musica Bella Segue mk3 vacuum tube buffer/preamp and the "Custom" Class A tube preamplifier. Once these are gone, we will not be reordering chassis for some time as we further our work with Raven Audio. Grabe one of these last piece before they're gone  [DETAILS]

Bill Baker of Response Audio NY is now working for Raven Audio, I am proud to be part of the Raven Team that will bring you some of the best tube audio products in the industry. The Raven products will be assembled at Response Audio starting with the Silhouette Reference Preamplifier and Reflection Integrated Tube Amplifier with other other products from the Elite Series following suit.

If you are interested in more information on the Raven Audio  products, please visit the Raven Audio Website