Segue Vacuum Tube Buffer and Segue Pre Buffer/Preamp
now available. Please see our
Custom Builds Page for pieces currently ready for shipment.  


Still our most popular cable, the Emberglow II. Pick up a pair for only $79 any length up to 36". Only $99 up to 48". 

Take an additional 10% off if you buy 3 or more pair. Shipping included.  DETAILS


August 1, 2018 - LAST ONE We are down to our last offering of the custom built Segue Tube Buffer - Buffer/Preamp

​IMPORTANT NOTICE - JULY 2018 -Response Audio will be producing a final run of our Spirit Tube Linestages and Segue Tube Buffer and Segue Tube Buffer/Preamp before taking a short hiatus to focus on other designs for Purity and another company. For pieces currently available for shipping, please visit our Custom Builds Page. If you would like a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please take a look at the web page for the model you are interested in and contact us for pricing.

April 2018 Update: Response Audio is revambing its business model and product lineup. With all the expensive, state of the art audio products on the market today, Response Audio NY wants to provide audiophile quality at real world pricing. To accomplish this, we will not be offering a wide veriety of products where we have to hold onto a lot of expensive inventory. Response Audio has been specializing in vacuum tube preamp for nearly 20 years. Going forward we will contine to specialize and focus on our preamp based on the Spirit platform. 

 The Musica Bella products quickly became known as having exceptional performance to price ratio. What you are getting is custom "built-for-you" true reference level audio products at direct from the manufacturing prices. All products designed and made in the USA.

Let Response Audio NY design and build some of the most important components in your audio system, we have been custom building vacuum tube preamplifiers, amplifiers and tube buffers for 20 years. Our custom design products can now be found in some of the most exotic systems around the globe. We build to your needs, your preferences and your budget without the added expense of a middle man.

Purity Audio Design - 2017

Musica Bella Audio - 2017