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11/28/21 - New product listing in Custom Builds

Discontinued & Sold Out
​Only One Last Order Will Be Taken For 2021 On The Harmonia 2.0

Taking orders on the new Harmonia v2.0 vacuum tube preamplifier./output stage. Now available for either the 300B or 2A3 DHT. Balanced and single ended versions available. See full details and introductory pricing [DETAILS]

Raven Audio Reflection MK3

Blackhawk mk 3.i (left).

Nighthawk mk 3.i below

20 wpc integrated tube amplifier

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​​Purity Audio Design Harmonia v2.0

45/2A3 Vacuum Tube Output Stage/preamplifier

Update: January 2022

The new Raven Audio Reflection mk3 integrated tube amplifier is now in production. Contact Raven Audio for full details

Harmonia v3.0 45/2A3/300b Preamplifier/DHT Output Stage

Stay Tuned

The New, Enhanced 3rd generation of the Purity Harmonia Series Preamplifier/Output Stage to be released under the Raven Audio name. [Further Details]

Purity Audio Design

Reference mk3

Balanced 6SN7 Balanced Linestage


Raven Audio

Audiophile Cables

Purity's award winning balanced linestage is almost sold out. We have 2 remaining units. This is your last chance to own one of the best tube linestages in the market.