Outboard Power Supply Options

For Musica Bella Tube Preamplifiers

Musica Bella LeAnna w/External Vacuum Tube Power Supply (VTPS)

WOW, Just letting you know that I am blown away with the Musica Bella equipment you sold me. I am so happy I found your business, and that you took awesome care of me. Unbelievable sound. I feel that I don�t even have to buy a sub-woofer as of yet, the highs and lows and mids are just perfect. I might roll some tubes for my DAC and CD player with Sophia Electric�s. And that will be it for now.

Bill thank you so much for your business and what you sold this gear to me for. It is worth every penny and more.

Warm Regards

JF - Hayden, ID

Oct. 24, 2017
​Note: Outboard power supplies will be redisigned into new chassis' matching the new Spirit and Verita preamplifiers.

VTPS - Vacuum Tube Power Supply
DMPS - Dual Mono Power Supply

We have taken our VTPS power supply and now incorporate it into a single, outboard chassis that can be utilized with any of the Musica Bella preamplifiers.

Combining a choke input stage that feeds a CLC circuit, the tube power supply brings any of our linestages to a level that rivals much more expensive units. Resolution, transparency and weight are enhanced to new level of excellence.
A single tube is used for rectification providing an affordable means of experimentation and tube rolling.

The power supply has been designed to accept 5U4 rectifier tube types and even the highly desired 274B rectifier tubes but will also accept 5AR4 and 5Y3 tubes.

Inside the chassis, you will find a well design circuit using a choke input LCLC design feeding using polypropylene first stage filter capacitors. A highly regulated DC supply receiving voltage from a separate toroidal transformer is provided for the tube filaments. Smaller power supplies may also be located inside the chassis for remote control options.

Included will be one 5U4 or 274B rectifier tube. The rectifier tube protrudes slightly through the top panel we choose to allow top mounting the rectifier to accommodate the larger rectifier tubes such as the Sophia 274B

Choosing a rectifier tube:

Many will tell you that a tube rectifier has no sonic influence.  This is only partially true.  Like the signal tubes, it depends on the design and circuit. At Musica Bella Audio, we have tested countless tubes in our designs including many different types and quality of the rectifier tubes. The LeAnna's tube power supply is extremely versatile in that it can accommodate many different types of tubes....5AR4, 5U4 & 274B for example. After listening to many different types and brands, it has become very evident that the better the rectifier, the better the presentation. A current favorite is the Sophia Electric 274B (shown at left). After installing the Sophia 274B into the LeAnna system, a whole new world opened up.

With this tube in place, the sound stage was wider and deeper and and the overall presentation was smoother and cleaner.  There are a lot of very good rectifier tubes available and you may have a personal preference but at least you can go into the investment knowing it will pay off.

The DMPS is a full dual mono, solid state power supply featured in our Lusso preamp models but can be used with the Vista and Verita preamplifiers as well.

Within the DMPS power supply chassis there are two separate  choke filtered power supplies. Each with it's own high current toroidal transformer, 10 pieces of polypropylene filter capacitor (20 pieces total) and 2 chokes (4 pieces total). Fairchild 8A/1200V Ultra Fast diodes.

Each tube has its own highly regulated DC filament supply.

Why so much polypropylene in the power supply? Found in the power supplies in almost all audio equipment use electrolytic capacitors, the worst quality capacitor made today. So why do they use them? Simple....size and cost. Electrolytic capacitors are small and cheap. Often time, an electrolytic power supply can be 1/10th the size and cost of the same design utilizing polypropylene capacitors.

 OK... so why are polypropylene capacitors better in tube audio components? A polypropylene capacitor discharges faster and more completely than an electrolytic capacitor. What this does is to make reserve power more immediately available providing lightning fast speed and  dynamic control. This allows for  tighter and faster control throughout the entire frequency range.

Please contact for pricing. Both power supplies are available to be used with any of our tube preamplifiers