The Spirit X provides some of the finest components available today making it an exceptional valued, reference level 
tube preamp currently offered. You will not find another preamp in this price point that offers so much or sounds as good.

Overview. The Spirit X is an enhanced, tranformer coupled version of our Spirit tube linestage with a choke filtered power supply along with the inclusion of the Bybee Music Rail system. Take a look at the Spirit's Standard Features below to understand why the Spirit X could possible be the best sounding preamp you can own without going into double digit pricing.

You will be amazed by the performance of this affordable vacuum tube preamplifier. The Spirit X  utilize the same Class A, Zero Feedback circuit and performs well above it's affordable price indicates. The Spirit X is housed in the same chassis as the Spirit linestage. A rugged 1/8" aluminum chassis measuring 16" W x 12" D x 3.25" H. with all front panel markings laser engraved. No silk screen to wear off. Tubes protrude through the top for easy tube rolling. 

Circuit: The Spirit X uses the same circuit as the standard Spirit but has been enhanced to accommodate custom Electra-Print output transformers. The signal path capacitors have been upgraded to DynamiCap pieces of a much larger capacitance.

Power Supply: The Spirit X offers a choke filtered power supply with a high current toroidal transformer for the B+ rail and high quality filter capacitors. A Bybee Music Rail system has also been added for an even lower noise floor. Music Bella products are already noted for having an exceptionally low noise floor.

The circuit is based on the 6922 dual triode with a constant current source topology. Why the 6922? The 6922/6DJ8 is superior with harmonic distortion 1/8th (-18db less) that of any 6SN7 variety/equivalent, or other tube type. Signal path components include high precision Carbon Film resistors, Electra-Print output transformers, DynamiCap output capacitors and high quality cryogenically treated, silver plated copper signal wiring. A remote Alps Blue volume pot with Mute function is standard.

Front panel options: The Spirit  comes equipped with a tape monitor loop, Stereo/Mono switch and HT Btpass.  While some may desire these options to fit into their system configuration, there are many, including myself, that do not need or want the extra circuitry. You can choose to leave out any one or all of these options for a more pure signal.

Vacuum Tube Power Supply - The Spirit X is available with our outboard "VTPS" Vacuum Tube Power Supply based on the 5U4/274B tube rectifier. This power supply is designed specifically around the 274B allowing you to use some of the better 274B rectifier tubes on the market including the Sophia Electric 274B. Please keep in mid that this is an external power supply as shown below.
CLICK HERE for full details on the outboard VTPS

The Spirit X's circuit and well designed power supply provides a black as night presentation.
The back panel houses 4 sets of single ended inputs and 2 sets of transformer coupled single ended outputs.

Bluetooth - The Spirit X does not come equipped with Bluetooth

All Spirit preamps are custom made in house one at a time as orders are received. Please note this is a time consuming process and delivery times vary depending on work load. Please contact us for build time on your unit.

Spirit - Standard Features

- Pure Class A 6922 Triode vacuum tube purest design

- Dynamicap signal capacitors
- Transformer coupled single ended output using custom designed Electra-Print transformers
- Cryogenically treat, silver plated in Teflon signal wire
- High current toroidal PS transformer

Central one-point star earth grounding
- Solid state power supply provides a high speed 
​energy delivery on transients

- Ultra Fast - Soft Recovery high current Fairchild diodes
- Panasonic power supply filter capacitors
- Choke filtered
- Bybee Music Rail in power supply
- Highly regulated DC filament supply
- Remote volume w/Mute
- High current toroidal transformer
- Relay based input selector
- Precision carbon film resistors 
- Stereo/Mono
- Tape/Monitor loop

- HT Bypass
* Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
* Chassis finish: Black Anodized Aluminum/
* Line Inputs - 4 sets
* Line Outputs - 2 sets transformer coupled RCA

* RCA Balanced Output (optional - see below for details)
* Made in the USA
* Two year parts and labor warranty: 30 days on supplied vacuum tubes.

* Retail Price - $5,995

* Selling Price $3,995

* RCA Balanced Output - add $100

Circuit: 6922 Class "A" zero feedback
Stage Gain: 15.5dB
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Output Impedance: 180 ohms
Phase: Inverts
Frequency: <10Hz->35kHz
Fuse: 1.2A slow
Voltage: 110V-120V / 220V-240V

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Availability Taking orders now​

Need Balanced Output

As shown below, we can figure your Spirit X for balanced output using RCA connectors. This is not only the same as using XLR connectors, it is sonically superior.  Separating the Positive and Negative signals keeps further reduces noise potential. When RCA Balanced is chosen, a pair of our RCA-XLR adapters are included. 

Spirit X
Class A Vacuum Tube Linestage

Enhanced Version, Transformer Coupled, Bybee Music Rail,
Remote Volume/Mute and More.

What our customers are saying:   The highs have air galore, the bass is full and authoritative, no bloating ever.  The best is the lush midrange that captivates you and draws you in.  I listen now for multiple hours instead of an hour or so.  I am also finding out that recordings I thought were not that good to be great because I am hearing more clearly what is being presented as apposed to a more congested and less lively sound that I was used to hearing. [Read Full Review]

If you remember the White Pearl (shown at right), you already know what goes into the Spirit X. We have been providing this product to our customers in custom form for some time and it has been competing with double digit priced preamplifiers. With the feedback we have been receiving on this model, we have decided to offer it as a regular product in our lineup. To keep cost down, it is being built into the Spirit 2017 chassis. Response Audio presents the Spirit X