(Enhanced, Redesigned version of the popular LeAnna)
Class A  6922/EC88 vacuum Tube Linestage with HT Bypasss

The Spirit provides some of the finest components available today making the Spirit an exceptional, reference level 
tube preamp currently offered for under $5,000. You will not find another preamp in this price point that offers so much or sounds as good.

Overview. The Spirit is an enhanced version of our hottest selling, LeAnna preamp. Take a look at the Spirit's Standard Features below to understand why the Spirit could possible be the best sounding preamp you can own for under $5,000
  You will be amazed by the performance of this affordable vacuum tube preamplifier. The Spirit  utilize a Class A, Zero Feedback circuit and performs well above it's affordable price indicates. The 2017 Spirit is housed in a rugged aluminum chassis measuring 16" W x 12" D x 3.25" H.  Tubes will protrude through the top for easy tube rolling.
  The Spirit offers a choke filtered power supply with a high current toroidal transformer and high quality filter capacitors by JJ Electronics.
The circuit is based on the 6922 dual triode with a constant current source topology. Why the 6922? The 6922/6DJ8 is superior with harmonic distortion 1/8th (-18db less) that of any 6SN7 variety/equivalent, or other tube type. Signal path components include high precision Carbon Film resistors, Acrylic encapsulated Clarity Cap output capacitors and high quality cryogenically treated, silver plated copper signal wiring. A remote Alps Blue volume pot with Mute function is standard.

The Spirit's circuit and well designed power supply provides a black as night presentation.
The back panel houses 4 sets of single ended inputs and two sets of single ended outputs plus a HT Bypass input.

Spirit - Standard Features
* Pure Class A Triode vacuum tube purest design
* 6922/6DJ8 signal tubes
* Natural warm up for tubes, extends tube life
* 0dB negative feedback design
* Central one-point star earth grounding
* Solid state power supply provides a high speed
​energy delivery on transients
* High current toroidal transformer
* Ultra Fast - Soft Recovery Fairchild diodes

* Quality Carbon Film resistors used for a smooth, yet refined
​ tone
* High quality power supply filter capacitors
* Select quality passive components used in all applications

* Critical components are matched
* Clarity Cap CSA acrylic encapsulate output capacitors
* Alps Blue remote volume control with Mute (optional)
* Cryogenically Treated Silver Plated Copper in Teflon.

* Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
* Chassis finish: Black Aluminum

* Aluminum control knobs
* Line Inputs - 4 sets plus HT Bypass input
* Line Outputs - 2 sets RCA
* Made in the USA
* Two year parts and labor warranty: 30 days on supplied vacuum tubes.

Circuit: 6922 Class "A" zero feedback
Stage Gain: 15.5dB
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Output Impedance: 630 ohms
Phase: Inverts
Frequency: <10Hz->1MHz
Fuse: 1.2A Fast
Voltage: 110V-120V / 220V-240V

Specifications subject to change without notice.

- Tube life greater than 20,000 hours.

- Without getting involved in expensive NOS tubes, we recommend the current production JJ ECC88 which should cost you less than $30.00 for the pair,  This is the tube your Spirit will come standard with The 6922/6DJ8 is superior with harmonic distortion some 1/8th (-18db less) that of any 6SN7 variety/equivalent, or other tube type.

The Spirit has been revamped for a pre 2017-2018 model run. We have taken away the cost increasing options that most consumers no longer need and focused strictly on the high end sound Musica Bella preamplifiers have become known for over the years.

The Spirit will now be prebuilt and sold from in-stock units only. If upgrade optins are desired, these will be discussed and installed upon ordering. We will have partially built units standing by for this purpose.

​​IMPORTANT NOTICE - JULY 2018 -Response Audio will be producing a final run of our Spirit Tube Linestages and Segue Tube Buffer and Segue Tube Buffer/Preamp before taking a short hiatus to focus on other designs for Purity and another company. For pieces currently available for shipping, please visit our Custom Builds Page. If you would like a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please take a look at the web page for the model you are interested in and contact us for pricing.

Musica Bella LeAnna w/External Vacuum Tube Power Supply (VTPS)

WOW, Just letting you know that I am blown away with the Musica Bella equipment you sold me. I am so happy I found your business, and that you took awesome care of me. Unbelievable sound. I feel that I don't even have to buy a sub-woofer as of yet, the highs and lows and mids are just perfect. I might roll some tubes for my DAC and CD player with Sophia Electric�s. And that will be it for now.

Bill thank you so much for your business and what you sold this gear to me for. It is worth every penny and more.

Warm Regards

JF - Hayden, ID