NIB (brand new) pair of the Hammond 1640SEA single ended output transformers that I no longer need. Was going to build a Parallel 300B amplifier but never got around to it.
The 1640SEA is 1250 ohm
Power Rating: 30 watts
Ultralinear tap 40%
Current rating: 200mA
Freq. Resp. 20Hz-20kHz

Asking $200 OBO for the pair plus $25 shipping.
Normally sell for about $169 ea.

01/14/19 - At this time we have only 1 Spirit chassis' left 

Emberglow II-XB - Cstom 33"

This is a custom built pair of our Reference Balanced Interconnect at 33".  Actual pair for sale shown. Reg. $250

$145 includes shipping (Price lowered 4/10/18)


What you are looking at is a scalled down, non production version of the Purity Audio Design Harmonia 300B vacuum tube source buffer but with the addition of a 4 input relay based source selector and volume control. By scaled down, this means it is a single ended unit only and built into one of our remaining Musica bella Spitit linestage chassis. This is not a prototype.
We are considering bringing this model to market this summer after having chassis' designed.

The Harmonia BP is designed as a 300B buffer output stage for any source component. Can also be used as a preamp to be used into a power amplifier but may cause noise in higher effeciency speakers. See details below.

DETAILS: Price does NOT include 300B tubes or power cord. Shipping included to lower 48.
2 years parts and labor warranty

​$1,600  includes shipping to lower 48 - SOLD

​​Purity Audio Design - Statement

Twin Chassis, Dual Mono, Balanced Tube Linestage
This is the LAST Purity Statement series linestage to be built. This is your chance to own this highly regarded unit. Several options are available in this custom built for you preamplifier.
Regular price $25,000 -$65,000


Segue Buffer/Preamp - LAST ONE - Reg. $750 - SOLD

Segue Buffer/Preamp. 3 inputs/2 outputs.  Dont under estimate the Segue based on its affordable cost.


Purity Audio Design - Reference

Award winning Balanced Tube Linestage
This is the LAST Purity Reference series linestage to be built. This is your chance to own this highly regarded unit. Several options are available in this custom built for you preamplifier. 
Regular price $tarting at $14,995 - Contact us for your custom built price


VIFA P13WG-00 8 ohm - SOLD

$75 including shipping. All 4 pieces

Set of 4 used pieces. This 5" driver has become a classis and is also a replacement in many classis high end speakers such as a few Dunlavy models

Qts 0.33,  Qes 0.43,  Le 0.7mH,  Power (RMS) 0-50 Watt,  Qms 1.38,  Vas 10L,  Width 140mmØ,  Coil 25mm,  Prms 40W,  Power 40Wrms,  Mag. 415g,  Re 5.7Ω,  Depth 57.4mm,  Fs 60Hz,  Mms 7.5g,  Impedance (Ohm) 8 ohm,  Sd 86cm²,  Sens.,  88dB,  Zn 8Ω,  Impedance 8Ω (Re 5.7Ω)
Type Mid-Woofer
Brand Vifa
Manufacturer Vifa

Class A Tube Preamp 
Series - Spirit
Price:  $1,790 OBO

Last Spirit preamplifier to be build for a while. This one includes a tube MM phono section with about 55dB total gain.
NOTE:phono tubes will not prpotrude through top cover. Line stage tubes will protrude about 1/4".
Internal photo shows actual unit for sale. Will be complete by 4/12/19.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - October 2018 -Response Audio will be producing a final run of our Spirit Tube Linestages and Segue Tube Buffer and Segue Tube Buffer/Preamp before taking a short hiatus to focus on other designs for Purity and another company. For pieces currently available for shipping, please visit our Custom Builds Page. If you would like a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please take a look at the web page for the model you are interested in and contact us for pricing.

Solid state power supply with high current toroidal transformer.
Power supply is choke filtered, Plate choke on each 300B tubes, Pete Millett regulators for each 300B's filament (one per tube), Each 300B has a high end Raven Audio Teflon capacitor across the filament pins, Clarity Cap acrylic encapsulated coupling capacitors bypass with film capacitor and Raven Audio Teflon capacitor., Alps Blue volume control
Preamp/Buffer switch (bypasses volume control)
4 single ended inputs
2 single ended outputs
Output Impedance: 90 ohms

Please contact us with any questions comments or concerns you may have prior to purchase.h here.

Marantz CDR-631 CD Recorder - SOLD

Used lightly for personal use only. Has been used to make less than 15 CD's. Excellent condition. Do not have remote or manual. Universal remotes available for this machine for less than $25. Manual available for download online here.

Still a very popular machine for recording vinyl to CD or making those favorite road trip CD's as well as a great CD playback machine.

Credit card only - No fees.

Special - Emberglow II

​Latest series of our best selling interconnect. Affordable high end Save BIG.  Prices starting at only $79 pr. up to 36"
​Ships world wide.


Details: Custom power transformer custom designed for Musica Bella Audio for the LeAnna/Spirit preamplifiers. All JJ Electronic power supply capacitors. Seperate PS output stages for each the phono and line. Each section utilizes a dedicated regulated filament supply which is feed by seperate taps of a high current toroidal transformer.
Line stage uses high quality acrylic encapsulated Clarity Cap CMR cpacitors as can be seen in photo.
Phono stage uses Sonic Craft capacitors for a clean presentation.
Alps Blue volume control
4x RCA inputs
2X RCA outputs
HT Bypass not implimented (yet).
Line - 2x 12AU7 tubes
Phono - 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AU7
2 years parts and labor warranty
Please contac us for additional imformation

Shipping to the lower 48 included.