Clarity Cap Capacitors For Sale

All Brand New - Never used - 1 pr each

CapacitorReg. PriceSelling Price
CMR 10uF/630V
$230 prSOLD
CMR 10uF/400V
$172 pr$130 pr
CMR 4.7uF/630V
$144 pr$110 pr
CMR 3.3uF/400V
$93 pr$70 pr
CMR 3.3uF/630V
$124 pr$94
CSA 4.7uF/250V
$20.50 pr$15.50
CSA 3.3uF/250V
$20 pr$15.50

​Take them all for ​ $550

Emberglow II-XB - Cstom 33"

This is a custom built pair of our Reference Balanced Interconnect at 33".  Actual pair for sale shown

$175 includes shipping


Purity Audio Design Reference Balanced Liestage

Save thousands Reg. $14,995 - Selling $9,995

We have one last chassis that was used in a demo piece. Only the chassis was used, the rest of this piece will be brand new and built to order. It will be built to as described HERE

Purity Audio Design - Statement

Twin Chassis, Dual Mono, Balanced Tube Linestage
This is the LAST Purity Statement series linestage to be built. This is your chance to own this highly regard unit at a $10,000 savings. Several options are available in this custom built for you preamplifier.
Regular price $25,000. Grab this last one for only $Contact. 


Non Audio Related

Marantz CDR-631 CD Recorder
Used lightly for personal use only. Has been used to make less than 15 CD's. Excellent condition. Do not have remote or manual. Universal remotes available for this machine for less than $25. Manual available for download online here.

Still a very popular machine for recording vinyl to CD
or making those favorite road trip CD's.
 $295 OBO + shipping

​​Specials, Previously Owned, Clearance

Please Contact Us if you are interested in any product found on this page.

NOTE: Please note that we haveincluded additional enhanements in the last Reference and Statement series preamplifiers below to be built in this chassis.

VH Audio AirSine Power Cords - 2 available
Best power cords to ever be in my system. Still have 2 more i am keeping. Older pairs but in perfect condition
Still sell for $749 ea.
Selling both for $800 OBO including Priority
Email at

Black Walnut Hardwood

4 pieces

each piece 6 W x 24" L x 3/8" thick

All 4 $25 + shipping

Special - Emberglow II

​Latest series of our best selling interconnect. Affordable high end Save about 50%.  Prices starting at only $79 pr. up to 36"
​Ships world wide.


Rosewood Hardwood Veneer

19 sheets of real hardwood veneer. 

each sheet 8.5" W x 19.25" L

Smaller sheets as shown

All $30 + shipping

NIB (brand new) pair of the Hammond 1640SEA single ended output transformers that I no longer need. Was going to build a Parallel 300B amplifier but never got around to it.
The 1640SEA is 1250 ohm
Power Rating: 30 watts
Ultralinear tap 40%
Current rating: 200mA
Freq. Resp. 20Hz-20kHz

Asking $240 for the pair plus $25 shipping.
Normally sell for about $169 ea.

Musica Bella Custom MM/MC Phono

Perfect RIAA curve using a 12AX7 input and 12AU7 output

Custom built for a customer a while back but customer never took possession due to changes in system.

 - Full choke filtered tube power supply designed around 5AR4

- Polypropylene first filter stage

- Highly regulated DC supply for tube filaments

- Jensen Step-up transformers used for MC

- Adjustable MC loading

- Full V-Cap TFTF coupling in analog stage

-Original selling price $4,200

​- Offering for $2,800 OBO