Musica Bella Custom Preamp - SOLD

Musica Bella LeAnna Twin Chassis with our most advanced power supply, the VTPS - SOLD

This is anther piece from my personal collection. Never used.
Twin chassis Musica Bella LeAnna Class A tube preamp with our best selling power supply, the VTPS. The VTPS is a choke input design specifically built around the Sophia Electic 274B.

- twin chassis Class A circuit
- transformer coupled balanced outputs
- choke input power supply designed for the ultimate 274B rectifier (picture shown below with Sophia Electric 274B Rigid Plate)
- regulated dc tube filament supply
- V- cap OIMP coupling capacitors
- V-Cap TFTF Teflon bypass capacitors.
- top quality internal components
- high/low gain switch
- Alps Remote Volume Control
- HT bypass 
With all the updates and upgrades included in this piece, original selling price was $4,500. This is a brand new piece and as you can see in the photos, top plates haven't even been taking out of the wrapping. Full 2 year parts and labor warranty applies.

Optional setup: With remote volume and transformer coupled balanced output: Inquire

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You are looking at a custom built Purity Audio Design Basis MKII Class A tube preamplifier. The Basis mkII was a very popular preamp a few years back. This one was custom built in a solid Maple hardwood twin chassis. I have been personall holding on to this unit for nostalgic purposes but its time to thin out some products from my collection. 

The Basis mkII is a Class A design employinh the 6SN7GTB tubes.(This piece will come with a pair of NOS GE 6SN&GTB Coin Base/Clear tops). This Basis mkII performs well aboout its original selling price of $4,200 (without remote volume) This piece provides exceptional detail, resolution, transparency and a sound stage you can walk into with a black as midnight background

Features: Twin chassis solid Maple - High current toroidal transformer - high grade solid state power supply with Panasonic ED capacitors - regulated DC filament supply - Alps Blue volume control - Clarity Cap capacitors - Cardas RCA connectors - HT Bypass - Relay based input selector with LED indicators - 4 Single ended inputs - 2 single ended outputs - one set HT bypass.

Specifications - Gain 17dB - Input impedance 100k ohms - Output impedance 450 ohms - Phase: inverts - Size: 8-3/4" W x 11" D x 6-3/4" H

Purity Audio Design - Reference - Class A balanced tube linestage - SOLD

Musica Bella Spirit Class A Tube Linestage with Bluetooth, Balance Control and Bass, Midrange, Treble Controls - SOLD

 Custom Musica Bella Segue Tube Buffer - SOLD

Class A Tube Preamp 

Series - Spirit
Price:  $1,790

Last Spirit preamplifier to be build for a while. This one includes a tube MM phono section with about 55dB total gain.

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Seling Price: $790 with 1 year parts and labor warranty.​​

Custom low profile Harmonia 300B Preamplifier - SOLD

Model JSD JM-608. Midrange 6-1/2 

Made in California

Total of 8 drivers - Brand new in box


$65 for all 8 drivers + shipping

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Purity Audio Design - Basis MK2


Details: Custom power transformer custom designed for Musica Bella Audio for the LeAnna/Spirit preamplifiers. All JJ Electronic power supply capacitors. Seperate PS output stages for each the phono and line. Each section utilizes a dedicated regulated filament supply which is feed by seperate taps of a high current toroidal transformer.
Line stage uses high quality acrylic encapsulated Clarity Cap CMR cpacitors as can be seen in photo.
Phono stage uses Sonic Craft capacitors for a clean presentation.
Alps Blue volume control - 4x RCA inputs - 2X RCA outputs - HT Bypass not implimented (yet). - Line - 2x 12AU7 tubes - Phono - 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AU7 - 2 years parts and labor warranty - Please contac us for additional imformation - - Shipping to the lower 48 included.