The SG24 cables are comprised of some of the finest material available. The core wire is thin core material with a Teflon dialectic based on a high purity Silver/Gold from Germany.  The RCA connectors used on the SG24 cables are also a very low mass design byt ETI of Australia.

Why Low Mass?
Clarity, resolution, bass tightness - everything seems to sound better better with thin wire and low mass connectors. Why you ask? Because thin wire "moves" the skin effect out of the audible range and  greatly reduce the time smearing of audio signal - i.e. the time domain distortion subjectively perceived as excessive upper midrange brightness and boomy unfocused bass...

XLR cables use high quality Neutric connectors which by design are are of a lower mass than most "average" RCA connectors. 

We take an extra step to remove any potential resonance from the cable connectors. We use what we have found to be an exceptional internal damping material within the connector itself.

The Sound

The SG24 cables have been impressing even the most descriminating audiophiles around the globe. The SG24 cables posses a natural tone able to bring out the speed and authority your system is capable of. These are the best cables ever available from Musica Bella and does everything right. Resolution, detail, speed and transparency are everything you would expect from a true high end cables.

Musica Bella

SG24 (Silver/Gold)

Low Mass Reference Audio Cables

Musica Bella has brought back the Silver/Gold SG24 interconnect and Loudspeaker cables. 


Single Ended RCA
Balanced XLR
SG24 .5M Single Ended$450SG24 .5M XLR Balanced$260

SG24 1M Single Ended $480SG24 1M XLR Balanced$340

SG24 1.5M$550SG24 1.5M XLR Balanced $355

SG28 Loudspeaker Cable

The SG28 Silver/Gold loudspeaker cable is in a class of its own. Compprised of high purity 28mm Silver/Gold foil along with a time consuming 5 step assembly process, the SG28 are sure to impress even the most descriinating audiophiles. 

More information coming soon.

Balanced vs Single Ended

With cables under a couple meters, there is absolutely no technical advantage in using XLR balanced cables instead of single-ended RCA. It has been proven to my ears that single-ended connection (and gear) produces a natural spectrum of musical harmonics, i.e; more realism, while balanced gear greatly reduces even harmonics (pleasant for our hearing harmonics), but leaves the odd harmonics virtually unmodified, unchanged, and potentialy destroys the natural spectrum of harmonics. In other words, the ratio between odd and even harmonics, compare to life music.

How to Choose

Obviously if your equipment has balanced connectors only, this leaves you with no options but to go with XLR balanced cables. Many solid state components are equipped this way and in some cased are designed to sound their best with a balanced circuit. Most gear has both type of connections available, if this is the case, there is a good chance you may not hear a difference between XLR and RCA cabling. This will depend on the design of the circuit. When it comes to most Musica Bella cables, especially the SG24 above, the balanced XLR is the more affordable choidce.

Please feel fre to contact us and we can help you determine which type of interconnect would bring out the best in your system.

Interconnect Length

Always chose the shortest possible cable to get the job done. Plain and simple.