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Retail Price - $1495
Direct selling price - $1,150

2018 first run price $999

[sey-gwey, seg-wey] to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption:

"............the top and mids are smoother and more refined with greater ‘definition’, transparency and air while the bass is also better defined and refined. There was a small improvement in the soundstage as the system already possessed a great one......."

".......I'm so impressed with this buffer that later this summer I'm going to buy one of Bill's top preamps. I've been made a believer in preamps again........ "


State of the art? No. Not quite, but also doesn't come with a State of the Art price. Owners are now agreeing is it a "damn nice unit for the money". The Musica Bella 'Segue' vacuum tube buffer is an affordable tube buffer designed to bring just the right balance of body and warmth to most any audio or home theater system. It is also designed to be a very affordable impedance matching device for source and amplification components.

Placing the Segue between any source such as a CD player, DVD player, HT processor, DAC or even between your cable TV box and receiver provides not only a better impedance match between these components but also adds the warmth and soul of that glorious tube sound while also maintaining resolution, detail and transparency. 

The results are as follows:

Restores proper frequency balance though better impedance matching due to its very low 90 ohm output impedance.
Improves tone and weight with the use of a 6922 tube
Relaxes and opens up the music for better detail, imaging.
Reduces listener fatigue often associated with digital and solid state components
Enhances the 3D performance

Pair with one of our Spirit or Lusso preamps or any preamp/processor or receiver with the tape monitor loop option and enjoy the benefits with any source connected to the preamp.

The Segue utilizes a single 6922/6DJ8 dual triode tube and is run at voltages that allow you keep it on at all times. Input impedance is high at >800k ohms with a very low output impedance (a good thing) of only 90 ohms.

The power supply utilizes 2 separate high current toroidal transformers. A dedicated transformer for the +/- rails of the B+ supply and a separate, high current transformer for the new regulated DC supply boards feeding the tube filaments. Elna Silmic II capacitors are employed for power supply filter capacitors with last stage bypassed with high quality film cap. Ultra Fast diodes are used throughout. Clarity Cap output capacitors and  Cryogenically treated Silver Plated/Copper/Teflon signal wire.

With the 2 position input switch, the Segue allows you to hook up to source components when running into a preamp or home theater receiver/processor or can be used between preamplifier and amplifier or any product with a tape monitor loop.

The Segue is built into a  brushed aluminum chassis that mathes our Spirit Linestage models


Two high current toroidal transformers
Ultra Fast diodes used throughout.
High quality carbon film resistors
High quality, ELNA power supply filter capacitors.
ClarityCap output capacitors
Cryogenically treated Silver Plated/Copper/Teflon signal wire.

Brushed aluminum chassis

Input impedance: >800k ohms
Output impedance: >90 ohms
Frequency range: <20Hz - >20kHz
Tubes: 1 piece 6922/6DJ8 per 2 channels
Size: 12" W x 8" D x 2.5" H
Weight: Approximately 8 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor


* V-Cap OIMP output capacitors $140 --most popular
* V-Cap CUTF Teflon Bypass $150

Musica Bella
Vacuum Tube Buffer