Direct selling price - Starting $600  Segue Buffer - Contact for current price

Direct Selling Price - Starting $750 Segue Pre - Contact for current price

* Goldpoint step attenuator $140

[sey-gwey, seg-wey] to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption:

"............the top and mids are smoother and more refined with greater ‘definition’, transparency and air while the bass is also better defined and refined. There was a small improvement in the soundstage as the system already possessed a great one......."

".......I'm so impressed with this buffer that later this summer I'm going to buy one of Bill's top preamps. I've been made a believer in preamps again........ "


For several years our customers have been asking for a preamp version of our very popular Segue tube buffer stage. The Segue Tube buffer found its way into many high end audio systems around the globe. New for the 2018 model, along with the stand alone Segue tube buffer, we are releasing the very first Segue pre for those who do not need the high gain of a standard preamp. The Segue pre will be everything the stand alone Segue buffer is but now used as a stand alone preamp compatible with most any amplifier made today including solid state and Class D designs. In keeping with Response Audio tradition, The Segue Pre will utilize the top quality design and components as the original Segue whch now includes a top notch volume control option. The Segue Pre can be left on at all times just like your solid state amplifier.

The results are as follows:

Restores proper frequency balance though better impedance matching due to its very low 90 ohm output impedance.
Improves tone and weight with the use of a 6922 tube
Relaxes and opens up the music for better detail, imaging.
Reduces listener fatigue often associated with digital and solid state components
Enhances the 3D performance

The Segue utilizes a single 6922/6DJ8 dual triode tube and is run at voltages that allow you keep it on at all times. Input impedance is high at 100k ohms with a very low output impedance (a good thing) of only 90 ohms.

The power supply utilizes 2 separate high current toroidal transformers. A dedicated transformer for the +/- rails of the B+ supply and a separate, high current transformer for the new regulated DC supply boards feeding the tube filaments. Elna Silmic II capacitors are employed for the power supply filter capacitors with last stage bypassed with high quality film cap. Ultra Fast diodes are used throughout. Your choice of top line output capacitors (on custom orders only) and  Cryogenically treated Silver Plated/Copper/Teflon signal wire.
The Segue is built into a smaller brushed aluminum chassis.

Carbon based volume control

High current toroidal transformer for the B+
Ultra Fast Fairchild diodes used throughout.
High quality carbon film resistors
High quality, ELNA power supply filter capacitors.

Cryogenically treated Silver Plated/Copper/Teflon signal wire.

Brushed aluminum chassis

Aluminum control knobs (on Segue Pre)


Pre orders will be accepted and are the only pieces that can be ordered with updrades. Ready-to-sell products will be built and sold in standard form and displayed on our
Custom Builds page
A 60% down payment will be required for pre-orders.
Available worldwide. 

Segue Pre 
Zero Gain Buffer Preamp


IMPORTANT NOTICE - JULY 2018 -Response Audio will be producing a final run of our Spirit Tube Linestages and Segue Tube Buffer and Segue Tube Buffer/Preamp before taking a short hiatus to focus on other designs for Purity and another company. For pieces currently available for shipping, please visit our Custom Builds Page. If you would like a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please take a look at the web page for the model you are interested in and contact us for pricing.

August 20th: LAST ONE. This last Segue model will be custom built for you to your preference and system requirements. You have your chice of a stand alone buffer or the buffer/preamp. You choose the components that go into your custom built unit. Pricing starting at $540 for a standard, stand alone Segue Buffer.
If interested, please contact us to discuss ptions and pricing.

Segue Buffer
Vacuum Tube Buffer

Musica Bella

Don't be fooled by what others might have told you about buffer stage preamplifiers. The Segue is an amazing sounding vacuum tube buffer or zero gain tube preamplifier that performs well about its price class.

Input impedance: 100k ohms
Output impedance:  90 ohms
Frequency range: <20Hz - >50kHz
Tubes: 1 piece 6922/6DJ8 per 2 channels
Inputs: 3x single ended
Outputs: 2x single ended
Fuse: 1.0A Fast
Voltage: 110V-120V / 220V-240V
Weight: Approximately 8 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

​Specifications subject to change without notice.