Musica Bella


Vacuum Tube Moving Magnet Phono Stage



Musica Bella 'Phono' is custom built to meet your personal preferences. It has been design to match the new 2019 "Custom" Linestage both sonically and esthetically. You have your choice of a high or low gain version. The high gain version uses a 6DJ8/6922 output tube while the low gain version uses the 12AU7. Both circuits use a 12AX7 input stage tube.

Vinyl playback is continuing to grow in popularity. What was the most popular format in the 60's and 70's had made an extraordinary  comeback over the past decade. One listening session with a quality vinyl playback system and you too will wonder why you did not make the transition sooner. The reason is simple....... vinyl simply touches the soul.

The Musica Bella "Phono" is a perfect companion to pair with the Musica Bella "Custom" Class A Tube Linestage and are housed in the same chassis.

The Musica Bella Phono is our stand alone moving magnet phono stage that has been designed to provide exceptional detail, resolution and speed to vinyl enthusiast.

Power Supply:
The Musica Bella Phono is based around a high quality solid state power supply which contains a host of high quality JJ electrolytic and film capacitors. High quality metallized polypropylene capacitors are used in the first stage with a host of JJ capacitors found in the second stage, Ultra Fast - Soft Recovery diodes are used. A high quality, highly regulated DC supply is used for the tube's fiament supplies.

The Phono power supply circuit is kept away from the analog circuit allowing for a dead quiet listening experience 

With only two tubes, re-tubing or tube rolling in the Basis is easy and affordable.  Like all Musica Bella products, the Phono comes with our 2 year parts and labor warranty

Phono Circuit:
The phono circuit is a zero feedback, perfect RIAA curve using a 12AX7 input and 6922 output tubes (high Gain) or 12AU7 (low Gain) providing plenty of gain for all MM and high output MC phono cartridges. High quality film capacitors used in coupling and output stages. ELNA Cerifine capacitors and quality Carbon Film resistors make up the signal path along with being fully wired with Cryogenically Treated Silver Plated Copper in Teflon.


- Moving Magnet 

- High(er) or Low Gain version available
- 100% hand crafted
- High quality filtered power supply
- JJ Electrolytic and Polypropylene filter capacitors
- RIAA curve using a single 12AX7 input and 6DJ8 or 12AU7 output tube 
- Point-to-point wired (power supply & phono circuit)
- Gold RCA input and output connectors
- Mute switch
- Detachable power cord with high quality IEC unit.
- Your choice of Blue, Red or clear power indicator light or no indicator with tube glow lighting

Specifications: Moving Magnet
- Gain 32db 12AU7 output / 38dB 6DJ8 output
- Input Overload 300mv 
- Input Impedance 47K ohms
- Noise 54db

Retail Price: $1,500

Direct Price: $950

DynamiCap outputs: $60

Full V-Cap CUTF: $360re.