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by Response Audio NY

High-End Performance ----- Mid-Fi prices

Musica Bella introduces a new line of preamplifiers, amplifiers and other tube based products including the new Segue tube buffer series based on our technology from the Musica Bella line we pioneered beginning in the early to mid 2000's. We have taken everything we have learned while designing Musica Bella products and also added some new advancements to bring you the latest products from Musica Bella. The new models have been substantially improved over the old model lineup.

We have updated all of the older designs and are incorporating new technologies that we have been working on during our several year hiatus. Some of these include the use of high current toroidal transformers. We also designed a new full polypropylene, choke filtered power supply that is used in all but the least expensive models models. This new power supply removes any noise and unwanted DC components from the AC line, eliminating the need for external line filters or AC conditioners.

The Musica Bella products have been around for over 10 years and were designed as an affordable alternative in today's tough economy. When times are tough, we need music in our lives but don't want to sacrifice performance.

By selling direct on a custom "built for you" basis, the Musica Bella products provide high performance at a great value by taking out the middleman expenses, expensive custom made exotic chassis and unwanted audio "bling". Unless of course, that's what you want!

Musica Bella is still continuing the tradition of custom building products to the needs and requirements of the end user. Having a product custom built for your needs means you can have everything you need without having to pay for the features you don't.

Our goal with Musica Bella was to produce a "more for your money" product. Add your source and pair of speakers and Musica Bella can provide the rest.

Musica Bella LeAnna preamps, Segue Buffer and Ibrido amplifiers available for world wide sales and come with a full 2 year parts and labor warranty

June 2014 - Musica Bella is now offering an Economy Buster Series. See below for details.

July 2014 - The LeAnna tube linestage is equipped with the Musica Bella "Tube Buffer HT Bypass" function. See all the details HERE

Musica Bella Products




Stay tuned for the official release of the Musica Bella 300B SET amplifier.

Musica Bella - Economy Buster Series

The Musica Bella "Economy Buster Series" was brought forth for those wanting to get into a high quality audio system on a more reasonable budget. Quality parts and the same circuits are still used just not at the level of the higher end models above. The same care and attention goes into these custom built models as any Musica Bella product as well as maintaining our 2 year parts and labor warranty.

All chassis are constructed of 1/4" acrylic. They are all the same dimensions and designed to be a matching system.. 12" W x 9" D x 4" H (except for the Ibrido, see below). The main body is constructed of black acrylic with the top and bottom panels being either black or smoked (dark gray) acrylic. Black or Silver aluminum knobs are found on preamp models. To save on cost (to you), we do not go with any expensive laser engraving rather custom vinyl lettering just like we used on the original Musica Bella products above when they were housed in acrylic chassis.

All Musica Bella Economy Buster models are available for world wide sales.


LeAnna  - Here we are simply bringing back the original LeAnna EV but now housed in an attractive acrylic chassis. The same, highly acclaimed LeAnna circuit is still utilized as well as the well designed power supply using the same high current toroidal transformer. Price: $879

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Segue Pre - The perfect alternative to a passive preamp. The Segue Pre is a line level, zero gain tube buffer/preamp featuring Tube HT Bypass which maintains the tube buffer in the signal path for a Tube Buffer HT Bypass. The Segue pre is well suited to be paired up with most tube or solid state amplifiers. Because of the growing popularity of such a design, the Segue Pre is the only EB Series product available with upgrade options. See product page for details. Starting Price: $699

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Segue - Vacuum tube buffer with two sets of inputs and a front mounted selector switch. This affordable tube buffer is the same design as the popular Segue Plus shown above. In the Economy Buster Series, we are able to bring this to you by not using the more expensive, exotic components. The EB version is still an amazing product and represents exceptional value.
Price: $650

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Phono - The Musica Bella Phono is the final piece to top off a full Musica Bella EB Series system. The Phono uses a zero feedback, perfect RIAA curve using a 12AX7 input and 12AU7 output tubes providing plenty of gain for all moving magnet phono cartridges. Like the rest of the EB series, the Phono also uses quality parts throughout its heavily shielded custom acrylic chassis. Being a sensitive component, a few addition enhancements are incorporated into the Phono. Please visit the web page for full details. Price: $899

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Ibrido - The is a 60/120 watt version of the Ibrido above. Due to weight, this version is still housed in the same aluminum chassis as found above.

Additional details coming soon.


The LeAnna and LeAnna EV Plus tube preamplifiers are available with tube rectified outboard power supplies. Please see product pages for details.

The LeAnna EV Plus tube linestage and Ibrido Hybrid Power Amplifier continue to be top sellers. Pair them together for an amazing reference quality system at an affordable price.

Musica Bella Electronics are custom built to order allowing you to customize to fit your personal preferences and applications.

Please contact us for pricing on putting together a system based on multiple Musica Bella products.

All Musica Bella Models are available for world wide sales. All prices are in US dollars.

For affordable cable alternatives, be sure to look at the Musica Bella "Clarity Series" line of cables to go with your Musica Bella system.

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