By combining a fantastic 3-input dac with a great sounding cd player, we’ve designed a one-box solution that will simplify and dramatically improve your digital music experience. Connect it to a computer, Sonos, Apple TV, Airport Express, any digital streaming device, or simply play a cd and you’ll be amazed by the improvement in sound. The c-dac15.3 is easy to operate and partners beautifully with the matching Music Hall a15.3 integrated amp.

feature list

24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM 1796 DAC
3 input (optical, coax, usb-b) 24bit/192kHz Wolfson WM8805 DAC
brushed aluminum faceplate
mid-ship mounted vibration damped CD transport
high efficiency toroidal power transformer
gold plated stereo output
coax digital output
plays CD, CD-R/RW
removable power cord
special padded vibration damping feet
voltage switchable
system remote control
easy to view display
black finish
w17 x d14.3 x h3.1 in
19 lbs. pkg. Stock

Response Audio NY's customers have been asking about an affordable CD player with a built in DAC that allows for outside digital sources to be plugged in as not to need a separate DAC. 

Sonics benefits of the Segue tube mod: A fuller, richer midrange and even more extended highs and expanded soundstage. Bass remains deep and well defined. The overall presentation combines midrange warmth, broad bandwidth, detail and resolution, removing the potential aggressive edge and glare commonly found in digital components!  This is the same technology used in our Segue tube buffer but built into the player. 

Mod Details:

  • - The Segue Tube Mod is the addition of our popular Segue tube buffer stage mounted inside the chassis. This does not remove the c-dac's internal DAC chips. The signal is taken from the analog output of the unit and fed through the tube buffer stage.
  • - A rear mounted switch allows to choose between the standard solid state output or the Segue tube stage.
  • - The single 6922/ECC88 tube protrudes through the top of the chassis on the right side of the transport drawer
  • ​- Volume control - If you prefer to run the modded c-DAC15.3 straight into your power amplifier, we can install a volume control on the top of the unit. Please note that if a volume control is desired, this eliminates the use of the solid state output and the unit is modified to run ONLY with the Segue Tube buffer stage.

The Segue tube stage utilizes a single 6922/6DJ8 dual triode tube and is run at voltages that allow you keep it on at all times. Input impedance is high at >800k ohms with a very low output impedance (a good thing) of only 90 ohms allowing you to mate the C-DAC15.3 to virtually any preamplifier or receiver. 

The power supply utilizes 2 separate high current toroidal transformers. A dedicated transformer for the +/- rails of the B+ supply and a separate, high current transformer for the new regulated DC supply boards feeding the tube filaments. Elna Silmic II capacitors are employed for power supply filter capacitors with last stage bypassed with high quality film cap. Ultra Fast diodes are used throughout. Clarity Cap output capacitors and  Cryogenically treated Silver Plated/Copper/Teflon signal wire.

Modification only $450 (you must supply your own unit. You are responsible for shipping to and from our facility)

New Unit with Segue Tube Mod $980

Music Hall Audio

C-DAC 15.3

​Segue Tube Mod

CD Player/DAC with built in vacuum tube buffer output stage