The ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ is a hybrid amplifier using a 6922 input tube buffer stage Purity has taken the Harmony stand alone buffer and incorporated it as the input stage for a hybrid amplifier by mating it to one of the most advanced Class D amplifier technologies currently available.

The  ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ's output stage is based on one of the most advanced Class D Technologies currently available. The AMS (Adaptive Modulation Servo) which was invented by Patrik Bostrom, founder of the design house  Anaview AB in Sweden. The ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ provides a dynamic 170 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms and 500 watts into 2 ohms.

The 6922 input stage is comprised of a single 6922 per channel.

Inputs consist of one set XLR balanced and one set RCA single ended outputs. Both balanced and single ended are transformer coupled using custom transformers design for Purity Audio Design. The link between the tube buffer input stage and amplifier section is handled via another pair of balanced transformers taking the single ended output of the input tubes and converting it back to balanced prior to entering the amplifier module.

Inside the ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ chassis you will find that Purity Audio Design continues it's tradition of using only the best parts including first rate input and output balanced transformers, Top grade DynamiCap capacitors and silver plated Cryogenically treated wiring. Like our other products, you will not find a circuit board in sight other than the independent dual DC regulated power supplies for the input tube heaters.  Both the power supply and analog circuit utilize 100% point to point wiring.

The all important circuit contains what we have found to be the best combination of passive components to bring the Harmonia alive. High quality DynamiCap output capacitors from the tube stage. The Input tube stage itself is also comprised of DynamiCap capacitors There is also the option of having the output capacitors bypassed with smaller value, Reference Grade V-Cap TFTF capacitors to maintain air and extension.

Like all Purity Audio Design products, the  ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ utilizes a hearty power supply for the tube input stage. Starting with the high current toroidal transformer to the fully regulated DC filament supplies for each of the tube filaments, the power supply is designed to perform. The main B+, filament supplies are all each powered by separate, high current transformers.

On the back panel, you will find the use of high quality connectors. Silver plated RCA and Neutrik XLR input connectors. The 5-way speaker binding post are high quality pieces.

The chassis is made entirely of 1/8" aluminum. Front and rear panels are CNC engraved. Herbies Tenderfeet provide chassis decoupling for a vibration free chassis.

Suggest retail price: $8,695

​Selling Price $6,995