The Ming-Da MC-7 Reference is still one of our top selling upgrades

Response Audio has been working with the Ming-Da preamps for several years. The Extreme was brought about after numerous customers have asked for the very best this product has to offer. The Extreme upgrade more than doubles the cost of the MC-7  but there is much more to the Extreme than simple parts upgrades. Over the years, we have found that several changes to the circuitry were necessary to bring the MC-7 to its fullest potential. Even the original Extreme MC-7 can be found in high end systems across the globe.

You would never think such an affordable stock preamp could sound as good as it does after such modifications and upgrades. The Extreme MC-7 is for the most critical, dedicated audio enthusiast who wants the absolute best this no frills preamp has to offer, bar none. Match one of these dedicated two channel preamps to any power amplifier of your choice and you will have a musical system that will satisfy your listening enjoyment for many years.

What you can expect from the Ming-Da preamps is a full body presentation that brings forth exceptional resolution, detail and transparency. In fact, it is greatly enhanced as compared to the stock unit. Due to being a tube rectified unit, these pieces will not have the same level of dynamic "speed" as their solid state counterparts but gives you a bit more overall body and fullness.

If you already own one of the Ming-Da preamps and looking to bring out the most potential it has to offer, you owe it to yourself to consider our Extreme upgrade that will leave you with an audio value of a lifetime. If you do not currently own a Ming-Da MC-7 preamplifier but still interested in obtaining one, you can order one online and have it shipped directly to us for the modifications.

You can look under the hood of any  <$2,000 tube preamp (except for our own units) or amplifier and realize they have nothing over our modified products.

MC-7R Extreme

The work performed in the MC-7 is more than just parts upgrades. There are several proprietary modifications to the circuitry that have been employed. The MC-7 is a true 'modification' rather than just a parts upgrade.

Component Upgrades

Input Signal path coupling capacitors replaced with VH Audio V-Cap CUTF Reference Grade Teflon Capacitors.

Output stage capacitors are replaced with  VH Audio V-Cap OIMP  Capacitors and bypassed with TFTF or CUTF V-Cap capacitors

Main electrolytic power supply capacitors upgraded to higher quality units and then bypassed with high quality polypropylene capacitors.

Signal tube cathode bypass capacitors replaced with ELNA Silmic II units.

Output signal wire is replaced with our custom shielded solid core Copper/Teflon.

Inner stage capacitors replaced with V-Cap CUTF or TFTF capacitors

Feedback capacitors replaced with high quality polypropylene film capacitors.

Critical resistors are replaced. Type of resistor is determined by it's application.

Output tube heater filament supply converted from AC to DC with custom designed, regulated DC filament power supply.

Input tube heater supply redesigned to a regulated DC supply.

First stage power supply filter capacitor off rectifier tube (main power supply filter capacitor) is replaced with high quality, low ESR Panasonic unit of lower capacitance. It is then bypassed with a high quality polypropylene Capacitor providing a better circuitry for the 5U4 type rectifier tubes.

Volume attenuation circuit added on an individual basis to best match the amplifier being used and personal listening habits. Contact us prior to ordering for information. Standard attenuation is 10dB. Also available is 6dB and 20dB attenuation.

Fully tested

Modification ONLY Price: 
TFTF Capacitors $850 + return shipping
CUTF Capacitors $900 + return shipping.

Ming Da  MC-7 Reference