True Reference Quality

Musica Bella

Twin chassis, Transformer Coupled Balanced Class A Tube Linestage

Your choice of dual mono solid state or choke input 5U4/274B

​vacuum tube power supply

​Retail Price: $7,995
​Selling Price: $5,500

* Clarity CMR Upgrade: $125

* Mundorf Silver/Gold Output Capacitrs: $450
* GoldPoint Attenuator: $100
* Non-Remote Alps: deduct $75

* Signal path Bybee Purifiers - Input $200
​* Signal path Bybee Purifiers - Output $400
* Custom Chassis: Inquire

​Now available with either our 12AU7 or
​ 6922 Class A circuit

PLEASE NOTE: The Lusso will be discontinued by January 2018. Taking the place of our top reference preamp will be the Verita, a single chassis, single power supply version of the Lusso.

The Lusso series  preamplifier is a twin chassis design featuring a matching external, dual mono solid state or vacuum tube power supply to further guarantee interference-free performance.  True Dual-Mono design. Each of the two channels operates completely independent of the other. Each channel has its own choke filtered power supply included a dedicated, highly regulated DC supply for each of the two tubes.

The Lusso is specially designed for devoted high-end audiophiles who want nothing but the best. With the use of highest quality parts and components, the Lusso is simply the best preamplifier that we have ever built and a true contender for any <$20K preamplifier.

The Musica Bella  preamp models are quickly becoming known as having exceptional performance to price ratio. What you are getting is a custom "built-for-you" true reference level, Class A tube preamplifier at direct from the manufacture prices.

The Musica Bella Lusso  linestage is a true reference quality linestage that was brought forth to provide reference quality performance at factory direct pricing. All units are custom built to order. The Lusso is voiced to offer solid state speed with vacuum tube soul. Bass is deep, tight, fast and authoritative with just the right balance of body and warmth from the  Class A tube stage. A clean, crisp yet lively midrange and upper end with an uncanny sense of air and detail brings emotion back to your listening experience. The use of quality components throughout allows for a great sense of detail, transparency and resolution while maintaining the musical purity true music lovers lust for.

The gain stage circuit is based on a single 12AU7 or 6922 tube per channel and is designed with a constant current source topology. Signal path components include high precision Carbon Film resistors, DynamiCap output capacitors feeding balanced output transformers that provide transformer coupling for both balanced and single ended outputs and high quality cryogenically treated silver plated copper signal wiring with Teflon dielectric. Balanced input transformers provide transformer coupling for both XLR balanced and RCA single ended inputs. A GoldPoint step attenuator is optional

Front panel options: The Lusso comes equipped with a few options. HT Bypass, Stereo/Mono, Tape Monitor and High/Low Gain. While some may desire these options to fit into their system configuration, there are many, including myself, that do not need or want the extra circuitry. You can choose to keep or leave out any combination of these options for a more pure signal.

Remote Volume w/Mute 

This includes a high quality motorized volume control. The driver board also has Mute function. A complete, dedicated power supply is used including a dedicated transformer to keep the remote system completely isolated from the circuit's power supply.

A high quality relay based selector board is used and receives its own dedicated power supply.

The Lusso's noise floor is exceedingly low due to our well thought out choke filtered power supplies which helps it uncover the lowest level of detail in a way that's unmatched in any product in it's price range. Coupled with this is a very forceful, immediate presentation that makes for exceedingly wide dynamic range. There is also a forcefulness, especially in the bass, which has great depth, power and speed, that will have you pulling out some of your favorite recordings, whether is be digital or vinyl, just to hear what emotions the artist was truly trying to portray.

The low output impedance of the Lusso allows it to drive most any solid state and tube amplifiers. The versatility of Musica Bella preamplifiers make them suitable for any amplifier, both solid state or tube.

DMPS (Dual Mono Power Supply) Solid State

Please CLICK HERE for full details on our highly regarded 5U4/274B Choke Input Vacuum Tube Power Supply

Within the power supply chassis there are two separate twin choke filtered power supplies. Each with it's own high current toroidal transformer, 10 pieces of polypropylene filter capacitor (20 pieces total) and 2 chokes (4 pieces total). Fairchild 8A/1200V Ultra Fast diodes.

Each tube has its own highly regulated DC filament supply.

Why so much polypropylene in the power supply? Found in the power supplies in almost all audio equipment use electrolytic capacitors, the worst quality capacitor made today. So why do they use them? Simple....size and cost. Electrolytic capacitors are small and cheap. Often time, an electrolytic power supply can be 1/10th the size and cost of the same design utilizing polypropylene capacitors.

 OK... so why are polypropylene capacitors better in tube audio components? A polypropylene capacitor discharges faster and more completely than an electrolytic capacitor. What this does is to make reserve power more immediately available providing lightning fast speed and  dynamic control. This allows for  tighter and faster control throughout the entire frequency range.

The Chassis

Standard chassis' are 1/8" black anodized brushed aluminum. 16" W x 10" D x 4.25" H
Standard Unit Features

> Pure Class-A triode vacuum purest tube-circuit design

> Zero Feedback Design
> 12AU7 signal tubes x2

> DynamiCap signal capacitors
> Teflon Comp. Tube Sockets
> GoldPoint Step Attenuator (optional)

> Remote Volume w/Mute Function
> Balanced input transformers
> Balanced output transformers
> Relay based balanced selector board w/LED source indicators

> High/Low Gain Switch - front panel switch
> Stereo/Mono Switching - front panel switch
> Tape monitor loop - front panel switch

> Home Theater Bypass - front panel switch
> Natural warm up for tubes, extends tube life
> Central one-point star earth grounding
> Innovative dual choke filtered power supplies with high current toroidal transformer, 
   2 chokes, 20 polypropylene filter capacitors and ultra fast diodes
> Select quality passive components used in all applications
> Cryogenically treated silver plated stranded copper w/Teflon internal wiring.
> Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
> Chassis finish:  Black anodized brushed aluminum
> Line Inputs - 3 sets RCA, 1 set XLR (transformer coupled balanced and RCA inputs)
> Line Outputs - 2 sets RCA, 1 set XLR (transformer coupled balanced and RCA output)
> Two year parts and labor warranty: 30 days on supplied vacuum tubes.


Please note that Musica Bella products are custom built to order allowing you, the end user, to choose special options and/or features that best suit [your] needs and preferences. If there is anything you would like to see in your Lusso preamp that will help integrate it into your system better, please do not hesitate to ask. If it is at all possible, we will do it for you.


Class "A", Zero feedback
2x 12AU7/ECC82 or 2x 6922/EC88
Input Impedance100K ohms
Output Impedance<180 ohms
Regional Availability - Worldwide
110V-120V / 220V-240V Factory set
2 years parts and labor - 30 days on supplied tubes