Going Forward with Response Audio/Musica Bella Audio

Starting towards the end of 2017, beginning of 2018, Response Audio NY will start focusing on on a limited number of Musica Bella products. A new Spirit mkII will be our primary preamplifier including a new chassis design along with a new Ibrido mkII power amplifier based on a new world class Class D module. 

The Spirit mkII will utilize a pair of transformer coupled balanced outputs to mate with the Ibrido mkII. 

Internally, both units will be wired with the same core wiring as used in our Emberglow II-X and II-XB for the best in system synergy.

 We will be offering a "Vertical System" package that will contain the Spirit mkII, Ibrido mkII, one pair of Emberglow II-XB cables and one one pair of Emberglow II-X cables.

During the remainder of 2017, we will be offering special pricing on all current Musica Bella models. 

2018 Musica Bella product lineup

* Verita true reference balanced Class A tube preamp (Replacing the Lusso)

* Spirit 1 affordable Class A tube liestage (only 5 available) 

* Spirit 2018 Linestage - This will be our regular product linestage

* Ibrido mkII with balanced and single ended inputs

* Emberglow II-X series balanced and single ended interconnects

​* Copper/Foil (CuF) Series interconnect and speaker cables

​* Musica Bella MB Series interconnect and speaker cables will also be returning

* Segue Tube Buffer - TO BE DETERMINED

​* Music Hall CDAC-15.3 upgrade

Discontinued by 2018

* Lusso Series twin chassis/dual mono preamp

​* LeAnna tube preamplifier

* ASL Hurricane upgrades

* Jolida 3205 modifications