Custom pieces found on this page are products that we have already built and ready to ship or products we are in prpocess of making. If you are interested in a piece that has not yet been built and want to discuss a custom build to meet your requirements and needs, please contact us to discuss. 

Custom Builds

SOLD OUT  "Custom" Class A Preamplifier in a twin chassis design

Musca Bella Custom Spirit Class A Tube Linestage with Bluetooth, Balance Control and Bass, Midrange, Treble Tone Controls
SOLD (OBO) ship to lower 48

Custom built for a customer who decided to go another (another custom built Spirit). Originally equipped with a phono stage which has been removed. Some additional holes inside the chassis no longer being used. 

This piece utilized a power supply using Black Gate filter capacitors with increased capacitance. Clarity Cap coupling capacitors.
Bypass switch to remove tone control circuits but leaves in balance control.
3 sets single ended inputs plus Bluetooth (4th input). 2 sets single ended outputs.
Circuit: 12AU7 Class "A" zero feedback, Stage Gain: 15.5dB, Input Impedance: 100k ohms, Output Impedance: 1k ohms, Phase: Inverts, Frequency: 15Hz->1MHz, Fuse: 1.0A Fast, Voltage: 110V-120V 

Spirit Linestage - Bass, Midrange and Trebble Tone Controls. Balanced Control & BlackGate Power Supply

The Musica Bella twin chassis "Custom" is available in both single ended and fully balanced versions as well as your choice of our 6922/6DJ8 or 12AU7 circuit that has audiophiles all over the globe appreciating thier music collection.

The power supply for the twin chassis "Custom" is the same size as the main chassis and designed to be stacked or placed side-by-side.

The Twin Chassis Version is Special
Being a seperate chassis, we will be installing our advanced power supply. The twin chassis power version power supply will be outfited with 100% polypropylene capacitors and choke filtered. A relay based input selector takes care of the balanced and single ended inputs. In the balanced version, ALL INPUTS (single ended and balanced) are transformer coupled.
There is a high/low gain switch on the front panel . Or it can be used as a HY bypass switch.
Several upgrades available. Let us know what your needs and preferences are.

The price above is for the single ended version. Balanced version: $1,700

Add remote volume to either version for $199 (we use the remote Alps setup from Bent Audio).

See all the details and specs on the Musica Bella Custom by clicking on our web site link above or copy and paste:

Turn around times depend on current work load. This will be the last of the twin chassis designs for a while as we will be holding off on another chassis order while we start design work for another company.
Shipping is included to the lower 48.
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Or contact us for additional details.