​Circuit: 12AU7 Class "A" zero feedback
Stage Gain: 15.5dB
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Output Impedance: 1k ohms
Phase: Inverts
Frequency: <15Hz->1MHz
Fuse: 1.2A slow
Voltage: 110V-120V / 220V-240V

Warranty: Two years parts and labor

Musica Bella Custom Balanced Tube Preamp - 6922/6DJ8
Regular price: $2,200 / Selling price $850

Musica Bella 

Custom Builds

This page is dedicated to custom versions of our products that are in progress and/or completed. Completed units will have photos of actual unit for sale. In progress models will have details and asking price showns. If you are interested in an in-progress model, you can hold the piece with a 50% down payment with balance due at time of completion.

Class A Tube Preamp
​w/ Balanced Output

Model: Spirit platform

Status - 
​Shipping included

Custom built for a customer in September 2015 who recently traded it in for a new Spirit balanced linestage. Real wood Rosewood veneer. Has been thouroughly gone through and performing 100%. Absolutely dead quiet. There is a sharpie mark on the chassis in front of the left tube (see photo).  See botom of page for photo of back panel.  SEE DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS

Class A Tube Preamp 
Model: Spirit 1

Serial # S1-01-1017
Status - Ready to ship
​Price: $999 Price
Lowered 03/10/2018
Shipping included

Includes 30" papir Emberglow II
interconnect cables

Payments: Credit Card, Checks
​Money order (No Paypal)

* Class A 12AU7 circuit
* Clarity Cap CSA Acrylic Encapsulated coupling capacitors
* Polypropylene/Electrolytic power supply
* Fairchild Ultra Fast Diodes​
* Alps Blue volume control
* HT Bypass
* Inputs 4 RCA / 1 HT bypass
* Outputs 2 RCA