​Circuit: 12AU7 Class "A" zero feedback
Stage Gain: 15.5dB
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Output Impedance: 1k ohms
Phase: Inverts
Frequency: <15Hz->1MHz
Fuse: 1.2A slow
Voltage: 110V-120V / 220V-240V

Warranty: Two years parts and labor

Musica Bella 

Custom Builds

This page is dedicated to custom versions of our products that are in progress and/or completed. Completed units will have photos of actual unit for sale. In progress models will have details and asking price showns. If you are interested in an in-progress model, you can hold the piece with a 50% down payment with balance due at time of completion.

Custom built for a customer in September 2015 who recently traded it in for a new Spirit balanced linestage. Real wood Rosewood veneer. Has been thouroughly gone through and performing 100%. Absolutely dead quiet. There is a sharpie mark on the chassis in front of the left tube (see photo).  See botom of page for photo of back panel.  SEE DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS

Musica Bella Custom Balanced Tube Preamp - 6922/6DJ8
Regular price: $2,200 / Selling price

Class A Tube Preamp 
Model: Spirit 1

Serial # S1-01-1017
Status - Ready to ship
Shipping included

Includes 30" papir Emberglow II
interconnect cables

Payments: Credit Card, Checks
​Money order (No Paypal)

* Class A 12AU7 circuit
* Clarity Cap CSA Acrylic Encapsulated coupling capacitors
* Polypropylene/Electrolytic power supply
* Fairchild Ultra Fast Diodes​
* Alps Blue volume control
* HT Bypass
* Inputs 4 RCA / 1 HT bypass
* Outputs 2 RCA

Class A Tube Preamp
​w/ Balanced Output

Model: Spirit platform

Status - 
​Shipping included