Updated April 3, 2020

By now,  everyone is aware of the Coronavirus that is quickly moving around the planet. We have received a lot of emails and phone calls asking if we are still working mostly due to the fact we are located in New York as there are still a lot of people that dont realize there is more to NY than just NYC. Response Audio is located in Upstate NY, a couple hundred miles from NYC.

We want to wish everyone, everywhere, the very best and please do what it takes to be safe.

As for Response Audio,  other than being a little behind, we are actually moving along as usual at this. There are few delays in our supply chains at this point,. To my surprise, orders are still coming in. Most orders coming in are existing customers wanting upgrades done on their Purity Audio Design and Musica Bella preamplifier.

We are doing our part in being conscientious as possible. Any package coming in receives a good mist of antibacterial spray. All components are sprayed as well when opening packages. All finished components are thuroughly sanitized the day before boxing up the unit and shipping. We are just as much concerned about your safety as we are our own.

Please be safe and abide by the social distancing that has been set into action so we will all be around for years to come.

Products that we are still producing:

Purity Audio Design - Harmonia v2.0 DHT buffer/preamp

External power suply upgrades for Purity Audio Design and Musica Bella preamplifiers.