Emberglow II-X and II-XB
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LengthHarvest II 16 AWGHarvest II-X 14 AWG
4ft Stereo pr$325$375
6ft Stereo pr$425$475
8ft Stereo pr$475$525

4ft Stereo pr

6ft Stereo pr

8ft Stereo pr

 ".......As an added bonus I also have a pair of his entry interconnects the Clarity Emberglow II's.  These are magnificent sounding cables at an incredible price.  Once again, my sound stage just opened up and more sound is coming into my listening area.  These cables do not accentuate any frequency area, they are extremely neutral and just let the music flow..."



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LengthEmberglow II
Emberglow II-X

 Emberglow XXX  

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Shown above: Emberglow II-X loudpeaker cable with ETI Silver Spade upgrade.

The Affordable Reference

> Signal conductor material -- high quality Cryogenically treated silver plated, stranded copper material with Teflon dielectric (positive and negative)
> Conductor dielectric -- Teflon (positive and negative)
> Connector type -- Gold Banana, Spade or combination
> Warranty  - 3 years

Emberglow II - New Lower Price

The Emberglow is back. The Emberglow is our least inexpensive cable proving that quality can be affordable. Don't underestimate the performance potential of this cable based on its affordability. Based on a high quality Cryogenically treated silver plated, stranded copper material with Teflon dielectric allows the Emberglow to bring forth a sense of detail and transparency not often found in such an affordable cable.

The Emberglow II-X steps things up quite a bit. The II-X utilizes double the amount of the same Cryogenically treated silver plated, stranded copper material with Teflon dielectric to provide additional detail retrieval and slightly lower signal resistance. The II-X also comes equipped with high quality Locking RCA connectors.

Balanced - The Balanced Emberglow II utilizes the same wire arrangement as the II and comes equipped with Neutric XLR connectors.

Like all Clarity Series interconnect cables, the Emberglow II also comes equipped with our proprietary connector damping technique greatly reducing potential resonance and noise as well as being treated with Pro Gold Contact Enhancer before being shipped to you for you listening pleasure.

 > Conductor dielectric - Signal and drain   Teflon 

 > Signal conductor material   Cryogenically treated Silver Plated Stranded Copper   
 > Drain conductor material - Cryogenically treated Silver Plated Stranded Copper
 > Center Pin connector material   Copper      Silver
 > Center Pin connector type   Low Mass gold plate or Neutrik Gold XLR 

Emberglow II Loudspeaker Cables -

The Emberglow II-X loudspeaker cable is comprised of high quality Cryogenically treated silver plated, stranded copper material with Teflon dielectric and finished off with the highest quality gold banana or spade termination. Many years of listening to various materials, gauges and braiding designs has led us to prefer an overall gauge of less than 12 AWG. The Emberglow II loudspeaker cable uses a similar "Bella Braid" as used in the Musica Bella loudspeaker and interconnect cables. The final result is exceptional speed, detail and air as well as not exhibiting the fat, bloated and rolled off sound of garden hose loudspeaker cables. The Emberglow II-X is for those looking to bring out the inner most micro details details from their music library.

With so many loudspeaker cables on the market these days, we had to be sure we meet the goals we set forth for all Clarity Labs cabling. Our main focus was speed, detail and definition which is exactly what the Emberglow II loudspeaker cable provides.

Like the Emberglow II series interconnect cables, the loudspeaker cables also provides the ultimate in extension, air and detail.

Emberglow II Loudspeaker Cable contains 12 individual runs of cable per channel

Emberglow II-X Loudspeaker Cable contains a combination of different AWG cable resulting in 16 individual runs of cable per channel

 Available in 4ft.-8ft.  lengths only

Why 16 gauge? It is a myth that you need speaker cables the size of a fire hose for your system to perform properly. When using a 14 or even 16 AWG speaker cable, you do not have to worry about the impedance of your system (speaker load). You can run up to 12 feet of 16 AWG speaker cable into speakers as low as 2 ohms and still be well under 5% of the overall impedance. Besides, how many people own 2 ohm loudspeakers.

Bi-Wire Set Up - The Clarity Labs bi-wire loudspeaker cable is set up in a shot gun configuration. This consist of two identical runs connected at the amplifier end only.

With so many cable choices on the market today and most having a huge markup, Response Audio is here to offer you reference quality cables at real world prices.  No miracle, snake oil claims to charge you thousands of dollars for a cable. The Clarity Series have stood the test of time by satisfying the most discriminating music lovers for over 15 years.

Musica Bella "Clarity" Series cables started life as Clarity Labs. Clarity Labs began manufacturing audio cables in 1995 with the goal being able to provide top quality cables at a real world price that would allow your system to show it's true potential.  Staring in 2014, these cables become known as the Clarity Series and become part of the Musica Bella product line. Same great cable just a different name.

We do not claim to be offering the "Miracle Wire", as only your ears can tell you what feels and sounds right. With that, we will not overwhelm you with pages of specs and graphs that tell you little about how our cables will sound in your system. All Musica Bella "Clarity" series cables are completely hand crafted and tested from start to finish. There are no machines, as this is a labor of love. Completely USA made.

Many of you will remember the Clarity Labs Audio Cables that were once distributed by Response Audio. Still a best selling cable after more than 15 years and for very good reason. They offer exceptional sound quality as well as value.  To this day, you will still find various Clarity Labs cabling used throughout the world as well as our own showroom. We have brought back the most popular cable, the Emberglow II. Clarity Labs cables continue to impress even the most discriminating listeners around the globe.

Many companies use dissimilar metals between the wire and connectors. We don't believe a silver connector belongs on a pure copper cable nor a copper connector on an all silver cable. You will also find that all of our cables are equipped with a damping material within the connector eliminating resonance at the connector and RCA/XLR jacks they are connected to. This material also acts as an adhesive so please do not try to remove the connectors as damage will occur to the cable and will not be covered under warranty.

All Clarity Labs cables are made and tested to order and usually ship within 2-3 business days. Please allow up to 7 days for longer lengths and/or speaker cables.

Musica Bella
Clarity Series
Audio Cables for The Discriminating Listener

Buy 3 or more pair og Emberglow II or II-B and take an extra 10% off the total. Add $10 for balanced​ on Emberglow II