** Reference Grade V-Cap Teflon capacitors installed in the signal path coupling stages. x16 pieces
The capacitors are mounted using a high quality double sided adhesive tape as well as being secured with zip-ties to eliminated vibration.

** Reference V-Cap Teflon capacitors installed in the innerstage coupling positions. x4 pieces

* Bybee Purifiers installed at the input of single ended input stage.

** High wattage non-magnetic DALE resistors replace the input tube cathode resistors. x6 pieces

** Top quality WW resistors are used for the grid stop applications. x16 pieces
All grid stop resistors are mounted directly to the grid pin of each power tube eliminating all unnecessary wiring. It is a common practice to mount the body of grid stopper resistors as close to the tube grid as possible. Many tube amp manufacturers do not utilize this practice. All grid stop resistors are then mounted directly to the leads of the coupling capacitors and all leads are cut to minimum length.

** High wattage WW resistors are used for the screen grid applications. x16 pieces

** High quality 3 watt  non-inductive resistors used in cathode ground locations of all power tubes x16 pieces

** Dale/Vishay 1 watt 1% non-magnetic resistors used throughout the signal path. 40+ pieces. The signal leads of these resistors are shortened to the shortest lengths possible and all exposed leads are covered with heat shrink to help eliminate vibration and protect against shorts.

** Dale/Vishay 1 watt, 1% resistors are used in the bias stage in series with the coupling capacitors. These resistors are mounted in series with the coupling capacitors and then into the bias stage circuit boards. Again, we keep all signal wiring as short as possible.

** Dale/Vishay 3 watt 1%, non-magnetic resistors utilized throughout various power supply locations.

** All exposed resistor leads throughout these amplifiers have heatshrink applied to help reduce mechanical vibration as well as preventing circuit shorts.

** The grounding layout of the input circuit is reworked to provide a the best possible results with a dead quite background and lower noise floor.

** All power supply capacitors are bypassed with ClarityCap SA Series Polypropylene units. Each power supply filter capacitor receives its own bypass unit. Total of 8 bypass capacitors depending on model

** OPTIONAL Bybee Quantum Purifiers are installed in the input signal path of the signal ended input.

** Fairchild "Ultra Fast - Soft Recovery" diodes are utilized in the rectifying stage of the power supply.

** High quality Cryogenically Treat Silver Plated Copper signal wire used for input wiring with custom shielding.

** ROHS compliant Silver solder used throughout

** Bench tested for 2 hours

** Minimum 12 hour burn in

** Labor : 17+ hours per pair

** Pricing: does not include return shipping.

Hurricane   TFTF     $4,800 Pr. (MODIFICATION ONLY)

Hurricane   CUTF    $5,200 Pr. (MODIFICATION ONLY)

Quick Start Manual - We have put together a quick manual to better help you install and bias the output tubes in your EXtreme ASL Hurricane amplifiers.

This process will also help aid you in diagnosing a bad tube.

Antique Sound Lab Hurricane DT-200 Monobloc Tube Amplifiers

EXtreme Upgrade/Modification



Response Audio has been the leading authority in Hurricane upgrades for nearly 10 years.

EXtreme Hurricane upgrades are very time consuming. If you are interested in having this upgrade performed on your amplifiers, please contact us for estimated turnaround times.

We DO NOT perform upgrades on the latest MKII vertical stack models.