Response Audio is happy to announce we have reached the 20 year mark of providing custom designed and built tube audio products to true audiophiles and music lovers across the globe. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering an Anniversary Edition for our most popular reference level tube linestage. 

*Circuit - Class "A", Zero feedback
*Tubes  - 2x 12AU7/ECC82
*Channels - 2
*Input Impedance 100K ohms
*Output Impedance <180 ohms
*Gain - Low 15dB / High 20dB
*Regional Availability - Worldwide
*Voltage - 110V-120V / 220V-240V Factory set
*Warranty - 2 years parts and labor - 30 days on supplied tubes

Lusso - Anniversary


The Lusso Anniversary  preamplifier is a twin chassis design featuring a matching external, dual mono power supply to further guarantee interference-free performance.

The Lusso is specially designed for devoted high-end audiophiles who want nothing but the best. With the use of highest quality parts and components, the Lusso Anniversary is simply the best preamplifier that we have ever built and a true contender for any <$25K preamplifier.

The Musica Bella  preamp models are quickly becoming known as having exceptional performance to price ratio. What you are getting is a custom "built-for-you" true reference level, Class A tube preamplifier at direct from the manufacture prices.

The Musica Bella Lusso All-Out-Assault linestage is a true reference quality linestage that was brought forth to provide reference quality performance at factory direct pricing. All units are custom built to order. The Lusso is voiced to offer solid state speed with vacuum tube soul. Bass is deep, tight, fast and authoritative with just the right balance of body and warmth from the 12AU7 tube stage. A clean, crisp yet lively midrange and upper end with an uncanny sense of air and detail brings emotion back to your listening experience. The use of quality components throughout allows for a great sense of detail, transparency and resolution while maintaining the musical purity true music lovers lust for.

The gain stage circuit is based on a single 12AU7 tube per channel and is designed with a constant current source topology. Signal path components include high precision Carbon Film resistors, Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver/Gold output capacitors feeding balanced output transformers that provide transformer coupling for both balanced and single ended outputs and high quality cryogenically treated silver plated copper signal wiring with Teflon dielectric. Balanced input transformers provide transformer coupling for both XLR balanced and RCA single ended inputs. A GoldPoint step attenuator is standard.


> Pure Class-A triode vacuum purest tube-circuit design
> Zero Feedback Design
> 12AU7 signal tubes x2
> Mundorf SUPREME EVO Silver/Gold/Oil filter capacitors
(or capacitor of your choice)
> Teflon Tube Sockets
> GoldPoint Step Attenuator
> Balanced input transformers

> Bybee Purifiers installed at input signal
> Custom Electra-Print Balanced Output transformers
> Relay based balanced selector board w/LED source indicators
> High/Low Gain Switch - front panel switch
> Stereo/Mono Switching - front panel switch
> Tape monitor loop - front panel switch
> Home Theater Bypass - front panel switch
> Natural warm up for tubes, extends tube life
> Central one-point star earth grounding
> Innovative dual choke filtered power supplies with high current
‚Äč toroidal transformer, 
> 2 chokes,

> Mundorf M-TubeCap filter capacitors (20 pieces)

> Bybee Power Supply Music Rails (2 pieces - One per channel)
> Select quality passive components used in all applications
> Cryogenically treated silver plated stranded copper w/Teflon internal wiring.
> Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
> Chassis finish:  Black anodized brushed aluminum
> Line Inputs - 3 sets RCA, 1 set XLR (transformer coupled balanced and RCA inputs)
> Line Outputs - 2 sets RCA, 1 set XLR (transformer coupled balanced and RCA output)
> Three year parts and labor warranty: 30 days on supplied vacuum tubes.

Selling Price: $9,990

A Silver Anniversary version is also available and includes silver Electra-Print input and output transformers, silver wiring and silver Bybee Purifiers. Contact us for details and pricing.

Please Contact Us at with any and all questions you may have.


  • 60% down payment required at time of placing order
  • Balance due at time of completion prior to shipping
  • No cancelled orders or returns
  • Build time is 30-60 days from time of order - if build time will be greater than 60 days, we will notify you prior to placing your order.
  • No additional charge for international orders