IMPORTANT NOTICE - JULY 2018 -Response Audio will be producing a final run of our Spirit Tube Linestages and Segue Tube Buffer and Segue Tube Buffer/Preamp before taking a short hiatus to focus on other designs for Purity and another company. For pieces currently available for shipping, please visit our Custom Builds Page. If you would like a custom Spirit or Segue built for you, please take a look at the web page for the model you are interested in and contact us for pricing.

Musica Bella Audio
Product Line-Up

Audio Cables for The Discriminating Listener

New Lower Pricing

Single ended and Balanced cables at home in any reference home theater or audio system  DETAILS

now be available with a relay based 4 position

Silhouette MK3
Mono Amplifier


​​​Response Audio is celebrating over 20 years of providing the discriminating audiophile and passionate music lover with top quality tube audio design.

Purity 300B Buffer Stage

The Harmonia 300B buffer is moving into mkII stage. The new MKII Harmonia will now

Spirit 1 Standard  - Our most affordable Class A tube preamp - Under $1,500  FULL DETAILS

Spirit 1 Enhanced - Trandformer coupled fully balanced with enhanced features. A full reference level balanced linestage for under $2,500     FULL DETAILS

Reflection MK3

Integrated Amplifier


All products found on this web site are designed and assembled in New York USA

Raven Audio

Shaman MK3 MonoAmplifier


input selector and will be available in both single ended and balanced configurations. A new Constant Current Sink will be implemented meaning a constant and consistent bias will allways be seen regardless of the age of the tube.

New from Raven Audio. Affordable audiophile level cables. Raven Audio is now offering, RCA and XLR interconnect cables as well as Speaker cables and power cords.


2018 Clearance & Specials
Going forward, Response Audio will limit its focus on a limited number of products.

Spirit 1 -12AU7 Series

Clarity Series Cables

Raven Audio Soniquil Audio Cables

Spirit 300b MK3 Mono Amplifier

Purity Audio Design - 300B Buffer