Custom - Class A Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
Available in single ended or balanced configurations 

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​​​Response Audio is celebrating over 20 years of providing the discriminating audiophile and passionate music lover with top quality tube audio design.

The new Segue is an enhanced vesrion of the Segue model. The mk3 can be used as a stand alone buffer with 4 inputs or with the flip of a switch, can be run as a buffer preamp. Available in single ended or transformer coupled balanced versions.  [Segue mk3 Full Details]

Purity Audio Design - Harmonia MK2 SET Buffer/Preamp

The Harmonia SET buffer is moving into mkII stage. The new MKII Harmonia will now be able to run either the 45 or 2A3 SET tubes. The mk2 has is now configured as a preamp as well as a buffer and incorporates a relay based 4 position input selector and top quality volume control and will be available in both single ended and balanced configurations. 

Audio Cables for The Discriminating Listener

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Single ended and Balanced cables at home in any reference home theater or audio system  DETAILS

All Musica Bella products found on this web site are designed and assembled in New York USA

Shaman MK3 MonoAmplifier


Segue mk3 - Vacuum Tube Buffer/Preamp

Reflection MK3

Integrated Amplifier


Silhouette MK3

Reference Balanced Preamplifier

Clarity Labs - Emberglow II Series

Raven Audio Soniquil Audio Cables

Purity Audio Design - 300B SET Tube Buffer

Raven Audio

Silhouette MK3
Mono Amplifier


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Harmonia 300B Vacuum Tube Buffer

Clarity Series Cables

Spirit 300b MK3 Mono Amplifier

New from Raven Audio. Affordable audiophile level cables. Raven Audio is now offering, RCA and XLR interconnect cables as well as Speaker cables and power cords.


Custom - Class A Tube Preamplifier