Class A 6922 Tube Linestage

The Spirit is a high end, no frills Class A tube linestage.     


Purity Audio Design

Musica Bella Audio

2017 Clearance & Specials
Going forward, Response Audio will limit its focus on a limited number of products.
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Throughout 2017, we are offering special pricing on our Spirit/LeAnna Class A tube preamp and all Lusso Series twin chassis dual mono preamp series. Please contact us for special pricing on a custom version of one of these preamps.

Vacuum Tube Buffer Stage

The new Segue now comes with 2 sets of inputs/outputs and housed in a new brushed aluminum chassis. Additional enhancements have been made to this popular product. May 2017 - New Lower Price

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Musica Bella 

Custom Builds

See our new custom builds page where you can choose from in progress or already completed custom versions of our products                                                [FULL DETAILS]

Spirit X
Class A Tube Linestage

Spirit 1
Class A Tube Linestage

Class A 12AU7 Limited Production Tube Linestage

Our most affordable the preamplifier selling for well under $1,500                                                     FULL DETAILS

Music First Audio

​Audio Acoustics


Class A Tube Linestage

Outboard Power Supplies

Top of the line choke input single tube power supply or dual mono solid state power supply. Both available and compatible with all tube linestages above

All products found on this web site are designed and assembled in New York USA


Tube Buffer



​Top of the line 12AU7 tube linestage. Twin chassis, dual mono balanced design with user friendly options. Bluetooth also available.         <DETAILS>

Audiophile Level, Twin Chassis, Dual Mono Balanced Tube Preamplifier

Music Hall Audio
​ c-dac 15.3

With Tube Buffered Output Stage

Our affordable offering of a CD Player/DAC with a built in tube buffered output stage. Allows for both tube and solid state output as well as volume control option. Upgrades or new completed models available [Details]

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See Purity Audio Design in various High End Audio Shows with other exceptional manufacturers including Bob Carver, ModWright, Daedalus, Lampizator, King Sound, Vapor Audio and more.
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​​Response Audio is celebrating 20 years of providing the discriminating audiophile and passionate music lover with top quality tube audio design. Check out our limited Anniversary Edition products. 

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Transformer Coupled Output Class A 6922 Tube Linestage

​The Spirit X is a high end, Class A tube linestage utilizing transformer coupled outputs and an advanced power supply including full polypropylene filter capacitors in the power supply. Also features Remote volume with Mute function and additional features. Available with outboard VTPS "Vacuum Tube Power Supply"       FULL DETAILS

Musica Bella Audio
Product Line-Up

These products are sold through one of our associated dealers, Voila Acoustics.

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