What is Response Audio NY LLC?

A privately held company that was incorporated in the state of New York in 1996.

The original Response Audio was founded in 1996 as a company producing custom loudspeakers and modifications to tube products. The mods were cost-effective, yet high quality alternative to the audio enthusiast who wanted the most from their products

From this was born our Bella Extreme series of modifications, and soon after, our own Bella Extreme products arrived.

The BellaMax series of preamplifiers was introduced in 2007, continuing the trend of  custom design, high performance audio with an emphasis on quality and value. This included a BellaMax tube preamp and tube phono preamplifier known as the PhonoMax.

Most recently, Response Audio introduced its upper end line now known world wide as the Musica Bella Series. All Musica Bella Series products are designed and manufactured in the USA

We have continued on this path of building high quality and high value audio equipment, designed to provide the most natural and satisfying musical experience.

We pride ourselves as much on the quality of our work as on our level of service and customer satisfaction.

Why buy from Response Audio NY?


As you browse the interweb, you will come across a lot of smaller manufacturers claiming to have the best products, they do not tell you what goes into their products. Many of these products used Chinese sourced inferior products. At Response Audio NY, we list everything that goes into our products and give you additional upgrade options. We are proud of what goes into our products and have nothing to hide.


About Response Audio NY